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Vial PRO is the Only 
Patented S
afety Device Capable of Handling Any Size Ampoule or Vial!

Nine years in service it's proven to be the answer to three major problems when handling the syringe.

  1. Tendinitis Repetitive motion injuries (RMI) = VP provides two hand control with the syringe.
  2. Accidental needle sticks = holds all medications securely.
  3. Accidental dosing errors = VP allows a clear view of medication vials.
If needed Autoclave safe
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When all said and done, there's nothing better than two hands in control when working with  something deadly! 

OSHA Compliant Passive Medical Equipment
GSI is the Sole Source Provider  
2015 Patented 8,967,572
 Complete System of handling inject-able fluid bottles 
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